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Real Trends: Going Pro

Relocation and Real Estate Professionals who’ve made the choice to drill down their business to the narrow niche of working exclusively with pro athletes. Original Real Trends Article (Pages 30-35 click here)

How the Rams and their families will pack up and move to Los Angeles

Chris Dingman, president of the Dingman Group, a Newport Beach company that relocates 1,000 athletes and coaches each year, said that between the Rams’ move from St. Louis and team expansions, the real estate niche is experiencing an “unprecedented time.” “It is very, very rare that a professional sports team leaves their market,” Dingman said….

Mobility Magazine: Beyond Corporate Transferees

WHAT CAN WE LEARN FROM RELOCATING ATHLETES? Such exacting requirements and small margins for error can help keep RMCs that work with athletes at the top of their game. It forces providers to reconsider what is possible, taking an unvarnished look at unnecessary bureaucracy and pointless procedures that might have taken root over the years…

The Man Who Moves All-Star Athletes

You already know that pro athletes aren’t like us in lots of ways. But just like regular folks, they need a place to live during the season, and when they get traded or sign with a new team, they face the same headaches we do when we move to a different city: how do I…

Moving Man Scores as 9% of NBA Is Swapped on Trade Deadline Day

(Bloomberg) — Nine percent of the National Basketball Association’s 450 players are on the move, which means Chris Dingman is a very busy man. “It’s an opportunity,” Dingman, whose business specializes in professional athlete relocation, said in a telephone interview. A record-setting NBA trade deadline two days ago resulted in 12 transactions involving 17 teams…

Where Sports Stars Live in LA

  • Where Sports Stars Live in LA
  • Where Sports Stars Live in LA

BY KATHY A. MCDONALD LA’s sports stars are the city’s latest real estate superheroes. Besides a pool with expansive views, this $4.2 million Sunset Plaza aerie owned by ex-SF Giant Barry Zito offers an exact replica of a MLB pitcher’s mound on its spacious grounds. Health-obsessed LA is like a magnet for professional athletes—even those…