Sports’ Unsung Hero: The Athlete Relocation Agent – AOL

With the Super Bowl signaling the end of pro football season, get ready for the spotlight to shift from the football field to the fate of the players themselves. Athletes’ lives get the added scrutiny of a merciless public who demand to know: Who will be traded? To what team? Where will they be moving next?

Enter the athlete relocation agent.

After contracts have been signed and the euphoria wears off, a professional athlete might have to confront the unsettling reality of having to sell a home, pack up belongings and relocate the entire family to an unfamiliar city in another state. Thankfully, to help alleviate the burden of such a transient and high-pressure lifestyle, the athlete relocation agent is on hand to ensure that the transition is as seamless and stress-free as possible for the athlete and his or her family…

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