Support Team

The athlete is why the Dingman Group exists, yet it’s the athlete’s support team that enables our success. The athlete’s support team, consisting of family, player agent or manager, and franchise or sponsor, has our utmost respect and understanding. Athletes need support to lead successful careers, perform at their highest levels, and live balanced lives. The Dingman Group has the unique ability to work both independently of, or in conjunction with, an athlete’s support team. In fact, we encourage and welcome this working relationship.

Player Agent, Manager, Franchise, or Sponsor

The Dingman Group understands that agents, managers, franchise owners, and sponsors are the go-to people for an athlete’s professional and personal needs. We are fully capable of managing transitions for entire client rosters, a one-stop-shop if you will. Partnering with the Dingman Group gives agents, managers, franchise owners, and sponsors a competitive edge over others who fail to offer comparable service and support.

The Athlete’s Family

The Dingman Group knows the facts: an athlete’s family member oftentimes makes household decisions. Information that comforts family members during relocation does not necessarily give an athlete the same peace of mind. Athletes are caretakers and often place family needs before their own. The Dingman Group understands and anticipates information an athlete and their family require to feel confident and secure during a transition. Our nationwide family of relocation experts is the perfect resource for answers regarding:

  • The first and best steps to take during a transition
  • Community/neighborhood information
  • Statistics on local schools
  • Doctor referrals
  • Shopping
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Gym memberships
  • Daycare
  • Church associations
  • Parks
  • Grocery stores